We produce refractory coatings for any type of industrial plant and for each production sector. Ovens and plants of steel industry, chemical, boilers, incinerators, petrochemicals, gasifiers, glass, lime, cement, aluminum and non-ferrous metals are just some of the plant types we work on.
We are able to offer tailor-made service to customers, with partial or total demolition and refurbishment of the refractory structure, hot work and conservative interventions on the refractory structures of operating systems.
On request, we supply complete refractory supplies for various ovens and other products as well as a number of electronic and mechanical systems for controlling the production process.
Our company has a significant operating structure and also has technical and construction site staff with multi-year experience in the refractory industry, and aims to acquire orders and coordinate its execution under the direct supervision of its technical structure.
The experience gained over the years allows us to guarantee high quality standards and a range of services that can satisfy the customer at 360 degrees.
The main feature that distinguishes us is surely the reliability and the correctness in doing our business.
The result is a company that works with seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for all its products and all its services.

References from our technical staff and shipyard


  • Biomasse Italia spa: Establishments of Crotone (KR) and Strongoli (KR) – New Line
  • Construction – Maintenance.
  • Mida srl: Crotone (KR) – New incineration line and ordinary maintenance.
  • Mella + Menzi: Zurich (CH) – Incinerators – Stab. Dietikon and Zurich – Maintenance work.
  • Seek: Rome – Maintenance work.
  • Lomellina Energy: Parona (PV) – Maintenance work.


  • Radici Chimica spa: Novara – Maintenance work.
  • Saras spa: Sarroch (CA) Maintenance work on Topping and FCC.
  • ENI: Refinery Sannazzaro (PV) – Maintenance work.


  • Marcegaglia spa: Gazzoldo degli Ippoliti (MN) – Renovation of heat treatment ovens – Maintenance interventions.
  • Lucchini spa: Piombino (LI) – Maintenance work.
  • Valbruna steel mills: Bolzano and Vicenza plants – Maintenance work.
  • Vedani Metalli: Parona (PV) – Rotation of rotary kilns and awaits for aluminum production. Maintenance work.


  • Bormioli Group: Complete refurbishment furnaces and maintenance work.
  • AGC Flat Glass Italy: Cuneo – Reconstruction of rooms and vaulted basin.
  • Piegarese Glassware: Piegaro (PG) – Complete oven refinement.
  • Stainless steel stove: Sesto san Giovanni (MI) – Complete refurbishment.
  • Vebad spa: Gioia del Colle (BA) – Complete refurbishment and maintenance.
  • Saint-Gobain Group: Complete furnaces and maintenance works.


  • Buzzi Unicem: Guidonia (RM) – Renovations ovens, tower, grats.
  • Monselice’s cement plant: Monselice (PD) – Maintenance work.
  • Italcementi: Isola delle Femmine (PA), Monselice (PD), Colleferro (RM), Borgo S. Dalmazzo (CN), Calusco D’adda (BG) – Complete refurbishment of tower, grid and maintenance.
  • Holcim Italy: Merone (CO) – Renovation of oven, grill and maintenance.
  • Cement: Maddaloni (CE) – Furnace refinement and maintenance work.


  • Sacmi : Salvaterra di Casalgrande (RE) – Complete system coatings.

*We also worked in Cook, Brick, Wood, and Paper production facilities.