The T.F.C. srl is present on the domestic and international market and has as its main objective the provision of services such as design, construction and maintenance in general industrial plant, in the field of refractory and insulating fittings.
The Company manufactures refractory and insulating coatings for any kind of industrial plant and for every production sector in steel industry, chemical, boilers, incinerators, petrochemical, gasifiers, glass, lime, cement, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. on which we operate.
We are able to offer a tailor-made service to meet the customer’s requirements with partial or total demolition and reconstruction of the refractory structure, hot work and conservation interventions on refractory structures of operating systems and any type of insulation and finishing for conservation of heat and cold and for soundproofing.
We make on demand complete supply of refractory and insulation material for various ovens and other products, as well as a number of electronic and mechanical systems for controlling the production process.
Our n. the company has a significant operating structure and also has technical and construction site staff with many years of experience in refractory and insulating sectors and has the purpose of acquiring orders and coordinating its proper execution under the direct supervision of its technical structure.
The experience gained over the years allows us to guarantee high quality standards and a range of services that can satisfy the customer at 360 degrees.
The main feature that distinguishes us is surely the reliability and the correctness in doing our business.
The result is a company that works with seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for all its products and all its services.

Our Goals

The company’s main goal is customer satisfaction and creation from the beginning, a clear and serene relationship.
At the heart of our commitment is the customer who can:

  • Have the right technical advice for the most suitable solution to any need.
  • Be always aware of how the work will be developed from design to construction, from assembly to post-sale.
  • It is the best product, the result of the continuous search for the best materials available on the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Enjoy total control over the workmanship and safety of a technically commissioned workmanship by qualified and up-to-date staff on all product cases.